You're now out on the big lake and the boat is moving along nicely with the captain at the helm.  You're taking in the sights, enjoying a fresh breeze, taking pictures, and perhaps wondering what it would be like to have your hands on the tiller, making the boat go where you choose?


If you would like to be "driving" and trimming the sails, we'll be happy to show you how it's done. Would you like to have an informal no pressure sailing lesson?  We can do just that; provide basic instructions on the fundamentals of sailing at no charge while underway on the Nancy Anne.   

Although no certificates or class credits are provided, you will enjoy the "hands on" experience, learning how to trim sails, steer the boat, tack and jibe, utilizing the available wind to make the boat move efficiently.  Safety and proper observance of the sailing Rules of the Road are emphasized.  Captain Nowak was a high school math instructor in the Clarkston School District for several years and is well versed in providing clear and thorough instructions for both adults and children.

On the other hand, if you would prefer to have the captain sail the boat while you just enjoy the day on the blue waters of Lake Michigan, that is just what we'll do.